Tan Sri Leo Moggie Distinguished Chair in Energy Informatics at Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Institute of Informatics and Computing in Energy, UNITEN

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is an energy focus university committed to attaining research excellence in the energy domain. The commitment is manifested through the establishment of five research institutes with respective niche areas related to the energy domain. One of them is the Institute of Informatics and Computing in Energy (IICE), which research area covers all aspects pertaining to the intersections between the information and communication technology (ICT) and the energy domain. Known as energy informatics (EI), the ultimate aim of research in this area is to improve the efficiency of the energy supply industry (ESI) through the advances of the ICT.

Excellence in research entails more than just qualified, dedicated, passionate and competent researchers. It requires adequate resources to execute the research activities under the tutelage of experienced and outstanding scholar. The establishment of an endowed chair will therefore be able to realise the setting up of a sustainable, long-term mechanisms and infrastructure to fulfill the need to fund the research activities.

For this reason, the Tan Sri Leo Moggie Distinguished Chair in Energy Informatics has recently been established at UNITEN, which is fully endowed by TNB to provide esteemed academic leadership and standing, and to catalyse and spearhead the research and development activities in EI. It is also to recognise the outstanding and long lasting service rendered by Tan Sri Leo Moggie as TNB Chairman, and his earlier contribution to TNB through his position as ministers in the relevant ministries.

Listed below are the objectives of the Chair.

  • To provide research leadership in the area of Energy Informatics, as well as related areas in ICT, and to contribute in promoting the application of advanced ICT infrastructure in the energy domain.
  • To provide support to the Government and the ESI in Malaysia through innovative research and development work in Energy Informatics.
  • To produce highly intellectual and skillful talents and experts in the area of Energy Informatics that can contribute to the advancement of ESI in line with the aspiration of Industry 4.0.
  • To develop a national blueprint for the digital transformation of the ESI landscape in Malaysia that will serve to guide the industry players in realising the future-proof energy industry.

IICE is proud to become the secretariat of this Chair. With adequate and sustained resources to fund its research activities, IICE would be able to contribute further to the automation and digitalisation of the ESI and to have future-proof and robust energy systems, which are in line with the key pillars of Reimagining TNB and the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). The research outcomes would directly and indirectly contribute to the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 of the country.

The establishment of the Chair is hoped to be able to bring a lot of benefits to the country, particularly to the energy industry including:

  • Providing expert services to TNB and other ESI industry players pertaining to the Energy Informatics, including the development of advanced ICT infrastructure for future-proof energy systems and extensive digitalisation of ESI operations.
  • Spearheading research, development and innovation in Energy Informatics, and exploring the means to address the four key pillars of Reimagining TNB, future generation sources, grid of the future, winning over customers and future-proof regulations, from the perspective of the ICT.
  • Supporting TNB and the Malaysia ESI in developing critical mass of human capital, at both professional and skilled levels, for the greater expansion of the Energy Informatics area.
  • Attracting international and national scholars alike to pursue research and development in Energy Informatics at IICE, UNITEN in particular and Malaysia in general, in an effort to establish UNITEN as The Energy University renowned globally.

Should you be interested to know more about the Chair, to be part of its initiatives or to contribute to it in any ways, feel free to email us at iice@uniten.edu.my

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