From the desk of the Director

10.07.2021 1 min read
The Origins of Energy Informatics

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a keynote speech on the above title at a PhD workshop held in conjunction with the First Energy Informatics.Academy Conference Asia (EI.A Asia 2021). Nothing can be more pleasing and satisfying than listening to the origin of something from the originator himself, and in the case of energy informatics, it is none other than Professor Richard T. Watson of University of Georgia. Simply authentic! In this edition of 'From the desk of the Director', I am taking the liberty to share with you summary of the speech. A lot of information was shared that I am not sure where to start. I hope that I can summarise it well and do justice to the readers who would like to get a quick summary on the origins of energy informatics.

14.06.2021 1 min read
Integrity as the Best Policy

Greetings to all,

In this edition, I will be deliberating on the Institute's core values. These are the principles or beliefs that are of central importance to the Institute and are to be observed at all times in our research, development and consultancy conducts. At IICE, we have agreed on four values to uphold. These are Integrity, International, Commitment and Excellence that are acronymised as IICE :).

Our first core value is Integrity. It is the the state of being ... 

20.05.2021 1 min read
Roadmap to Excellence

May 2021 marked the beginning of my second term as the director of the Institute, my fourth year with the Institute. Two years have passed, which were filled with efforts and initiatives to strengthen the Institute's capacity and capability in preparation to undertake bigger role in bracing future challenges. As a founding member, I've seen the Institute grow from the strength of one member to now five core and ten associate members. Struggling to position itself as a research institute that specialises in Energy Informatics when the Energy Informatics itself is yet to be well defined, is no easy task. The focus for the next five years is ...

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