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Trip by Car to Bangkok
14 (Saturday) - 21 (Saturday) December 2002

The idea about going to Bangkok by car (1007 km from Bukit Kayu Hitam) was mooted in a visit to my cousin's house one day in April 2002. He had been to Bangkok by road / rail a number of times but alone. The idea of the trip is to have both our families travel to Bangkok together in 2 cars/MPV.

In October, Roslan offered in our ASAK75-79 forum if anyone would like to travel to Bangkok with him in December 2002. The timing was perfect. I got the plan moving immediately. Surveying for accommodations, places to stop, visit and tour was done then. All hotel booking for Bangkok was done on line at Reasonably cheap.

The trip materialized but without my cousin. My MPV (Citroen Evasion) was loaded with us 6 in a family and my sister. Roslan was alone in his UNSER. 

The journey to Bangkok was through Hat-Yai->Patthalung -->Surat Thani -->Chumphon -->Prachuap Kiri Khan (Overnight stay - 300 km from Bangkok) --> Hua Hin --> Samut Songkhram.

The journey home from Bangkok was through the same route like the onward journey to Bangkok except that we branch off at Surat Thani and went through the Eastern coastal road through Nakhon Sithammarat and Songkhla and then joining back to the onward route at Hat Yai.. We stopped overnight at Chumphon (500 km from Bangkok). The map below will help you to visualize.

Our schedule was something like in the following table

14/12/02 (Saturday) 8.00 am - from Jitra Toll.
Almost 1.5 hours getting Insurance ready, exchange currency, immigration and car import declaration form at Changlon and Bukit Kayu Hitam.
Passed the border at 10.00 am.
Stopped in Surat Thani for Lunch
6.00 pm (Thai) - Overnight in Prachuap Kiri Khan - HadThong Hotel.
15/12/02 (Sunday)


8.00 am - From Prachuap Kiri Khan.
12.00 - visit Floating market on the way to Bangkok (Samut SongKhram - 130 km from Bangkok)
4.00 pm - check in at Ambassador Hotel - Bangkok
16/12/02 (Monday)


Travel by Tut Tut aroung Bangkok
Boating on River Chao Phra Ya
Travel on BTS Sky train (like our Star LRT)
17/12/02 (Tuesday)


Shopping at Ma Bun Khrong
Exhibition (1 village 1 product) at the exhibition centre close to Don Muang Airport.
Dinner at Roslan's house.
18/12/02 (Wednesday)


Splashy day at Dream World north of Bangkok. Entrance fee 300 Bhat (no play) / 450 Bhat (all included)
19/12/02 (Thursday)


9.00 am - From Bangkok heading to Chumphon.
Overnight stay in Chumphon Cabana Resort.
20/12/02 (Friday)


8.00 am - From Chumphon
Friday Prayer at Nakhon Sithammarat
7.00 pm at the border.
Overnight in Alor Setar
21/12/02 (Saturday)


On the way to Bandar Baru Bangi.


This is the collection of pictures taken during the trip. The picture was not arranged according to any order. Click on the thumbnail and you get the big picture loaded for you. Among the places we went were : FLOATING MARKET, DREAM WORLD, EXHIBITION PLACE  (1 village 1 product),  BOATING ON RIVER CHAO PHRAYA. If I am not lazy, there will be commentaries on the pictures later. Someone might argue that a few pictures does not deserve to be here. But it was put up for some reasons......


Tuesday 24/12/02