Please read the guidelines before you send your application to company.

Important Documents
  • Industrial Training Briefing-19/10/12
  • Industrial Training Guidelines-PDF
  • Industrial Training Evaluation Guidelines-PDF
  • Industrial Training Report Guidelines-PDF
  • Industrial Training System (ITS) Manual

  • Form C-Report of Duty Notification
  • Form D1-Visiting Lecturer's Report
  • Form D2-Host Supervisor's Report
  • Form E-Student Completion Report

  • Important List
  • Company List

  • Important Dates for Industrial Training
    Deliverables Date
    Update Study Plan, to add CGNB316. A semester earlier than the intended training period
    Semester 3 2012/2013 Pre-registration 24 November 2012
    Entering Company Details into ITS 2 weeks before start of every semester
    Industrial Training commences At start of every semester
    Updating Start and End Date into ITS 2 weeks after start of every semester
    Submission of Form C (Report of Duty Notification) 1 week after reporting for duty at Company
    Add & Drop Session Check with UNITEN website

    ITS will be open 2 weeks before start of semester, and close 2 weeks after start of semester. Students must enter their details during this 4 weeks time.

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