Hi Students!

You may find all materials that I used in classes here, and feel free to download them.
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Somehing about me that you need to know if you are taking my classes:-
Name: Pn. Izyana Ariffin
Room No: BW-4-C44
Ext No: 3416
Department: Information Systems
My Courses
CISB254 Object Oriented Programming using Java
This course provides a foundation for students to be able to perform logical thinking and apply problem solving skill on how to analyze, design and code programs based on JAVA Programming language

CISB134 Structured Programming using C
This course provides introduction to basic computing concepts which include algorithm, problem solving techniques, and structured programming concepts using one of the high level programming language which is C

CISB422 Emerging Technologies
This course exposes students to some of the emerging trends in IT and their applications. The topics covered in the course address recently identified events, knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to students professional development.

CISB412 Ethics and IT Professional Practices
This course introduces students to ethics and professional issues pertaining to IT. It prepares students in dealing with issues related to computers by introducing issues ranging from the ethical, social, legal and economics that are relevant to being a responsible computer user.

CGNB293 Statistics for Computing
This course teaches the students on how to perform statistical analysis. Students will be exposed to basic probability, continuous and discrete random variables, distribution functions and information theories